Description of the Book

​                                                     Why is it called "self-help" ​​   ​                                         if you have to pay for someone's help?     


Why do millions of people flock to deceitful self-help programs? Why do they buy books, audiotapes, and videos and attend motivational seminars and workshops without finding a real solution to their problems? This book examines the rationale of the self-help culture in America, which has become predominant a factor in the life style on this nation. It analyzes the accuracy of self-help and positive thinking claims and attempts to uncover the real causes for people flocking to these programs.

From time to time, appear on the market, self-help books and programs that promise easy-quick solutions to all the problems of life; they offer ideas and techniques similar to the old “snake oil” – a panacea for healing all kinds of ailments. Others advocate enlightenment in a short period of time and offer various “magical solutions” to all human suffering. Moreover, many occult and esoteric schools offer enlightenment and occult knowledge that promise to put their students into positions of power and advantage over others. In addition, there are programs and seminars that suggest making a person millionaire or helping people to earn easy money just by using their expensive systems, and the list goes on and on.

This book, based on well researched facts and modern scientific discoveries, attempts to demonstrate that most of the methods of self-help including positive thinking, life coaching, personal coaching, complementary and alternative therapies are in essence self-deceptive; if they yield some temporary benefits is because of the placebo effect, auto-suggestion, or collective suggestion.  

The first and the second chapters are devoted to identify sham programs and to determine their flaws. The third chapter is to discuss, based on modern scientific discoveries and worldwide sacred scriptures the basis of reality, the oneness of life, and the role of humans on this world. The fundamental message of this work is provide solid metaphysical and scientific principles to empower humans and to restore to the proper place the Inner Self that dwells in every human being.


Since early childhood we have been indoctrinated with false ideas and beliefs about our true nature as self-sufficient human beings. We took for granted the beliefs of our parents, grandparents, mass media, and the so-called “conventional wisdom,” because we did not know better and with time they became part of our idiosyncrasy.  That set of ideas and beliefs usually are oriented to make us to feel powerless and victims of circumstances. It seems that there is a huge conspiracy to inflict on humans a sense of powerlessness. Some religious organizations create a sense of guiltiness; they stand in the middle between humans and the Divinity; they make us beliefs that we need them to be saved.  The mass media is oriented to basically manipulate and domesticate ordinary people creating superficial and unnecessary needs, and most of people’s behavior are based upon the actions of others decisions and opinions.   

Under this scenario, come false New Age “gurus,” some religious protestant leaders and sensationalistic and fake self-help authors to take advantage of unaware people to financially profit from them. They offer a panacea or “snake oil” to solve all humans’ problems under the name of self-help. They demand to uncritically believe on them or on their products or services.

This book surveys the false assumptions of unauthentic self-help culture that keep humans enslaved in herd mentality and demonstrate that –all the power dwells in you, only in you.    



                                          AWAKEN THE POWER WITHIN